What are the Advantages of Readymix Concrete?
Better quality concrete is produced. Elimination of storage space for basic materials at site. Elimination of Procurement / Hiring of plant and machinery. Wastage of basic materials is avoided. Labour associated with production of concrete is eliminated. Time required is greatly reduced. Noise and dust pollution at site is reduced. Organisation at site is more streamlined.
     How wide and how high are the delivery truck mixers?
They will require a gap of at least 8ft 6ins wide by 12ft 9ins high ( 2.6M * 3.84M )
     How much does a truck weigh?
26000kg fully loaded with 6 cubic meters of concrete.
     Can your company offer credit facilities?
Yes, in certain circumstances. Contact us to arrange for our local representative to visit you.
     Will the driver discharge the load into wheelbarrows?
Yes, provided you have arranged this with the dispatch office at the time of ordering. A practical option for you to consider is a concrete pump.
     Can we cancel the load should the weather change?
Provided the load has not been batched. Once the load has been mixed, we are committed to deliver it as requested.
     I have an access problem for the delivery. What should I do?
Contact our office and our local rep. will call you. Our company operates a quality system.
     Can you provide a quality assurance certificate ?
Yes. Contact our technical services department, who will be pleased to furnish you with the information you need.
     What is the minimum load size you can deliver?
Three cubic meters. Our experience has proved that if we load a smaller quantity, the quality is affected. The constituent materials stick to the inside of the drum, without mixing properly.
     Can I collect concrete?
Yes. Most of our plants provide a collection service. Please phone in advance to arrange a convenient time.

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