Company Facilities

  Batching Plants
Three batching plants with a 3m3 mixer capacity can deliver up to 300m3/hr of concrete during peak hours. The plants are fully automated and all components including ice and admixtures are weighed to above standard precision.
Complete in-house Laboratory with brand new equipment and computer aided compressive strength machine for testing raw material/concrete chemical and physical properties.
Ice Plant & Chiller
One containerized ice water plant of 200kW capable to cool 315m3/day of water from 45 to below 1 degree.
One icemaker of 84 tons/day capacity combined to a storage rake ice bin of 90 tons capacity.
Raw Material Storage
12 Cement and 3 Additive Silos with respective storage capacity of 3600 tons and 540 tons ensure autonomy for large pours.
40 Transit mixers with drum capacity ranging upto 10 m3
6 mobile concrete pumps with booms ranging from 36m to 47m and delivery rates of 140m3/hr.
2 stationary concrete pumps including the most powerful pump in the world.
3 placing booms ranging from 21 to 28 meters.
3 wheel loaders with buckets of 3.5m3 capacity
12 Cement Bulkers of 45 tons capacity.
10 Dump Trucks.
1 Telescopic Forklift.

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