The Prime Plaster is produced by combination of cement, water, fine aggregates and special admixture. The Plaster is basically designed and supplied for two specific usages as coarse plaster and fine plaster. Basic advantages are as follows:

   Good quality control and consistent mix
  Increased usage hours up to 10 hours for general storage condition and 24 hours for good storage condition
  Setting time within 2 hours from the time of plaster
  Easy for all kind of site operations

The site engineer has to order the plaster required for the days operation keeping due allowance. However, the minimum size of order quantity is 3 cum. Necessary vessels have to be kept ready under shade for collecting full quantity from transit mixer, the transit mixer discharges wet plaster in shortest time. After unloading, the plaster needs to be protected by a polythene sheet, restricting the direct contact with the wind.

Each foreman can collect the amount of plaster required in a covered vessel for next few hours of operation. Depending upon the weather and site storage, the general estimated life span of the plaster is 10-24 hours after production. The foreman can use the Prime Plaster as a regular material for plastering. After plastering, the plaster will set normally in 2 hours time. On a level surface, 1 cu.m. of material with 15 mm. thick plaster will produce nearly 60 sq.m. coverage.

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